6 Driving And Vehicle Care Mistakes That Often Cause Windshield Cracks And Chips

Many drivers experience windshield damage like cracks and chips with excessive frequency due to poor driving and vehicle care habits. While windshield damage will sometimes be unavoidable, there's a lot you can do to minimize the chances that your windshield will become damaged and require repair or replacement. If you correct the following habits, you'll notice that you need to bring your car in for windshield repair less frequently: Parking on the street all the time [Read More]

Temporary Fix For A Broken Window Pane

Anyone who has children knows that accidents can happen. Many times these accidents involve broken window panes. Having a broken pane of glass in your home can be dangerous, but it's not always feasible for a repair professional to immediately come and replace the broken window. If your children break a window in the future, here is a temporary fix you can use to ensure your home remains safe until a professional can replace the window pane entirely. [Read More]

Binding Windows And Doors For The Coming Storm

As storm season approaches your area, you'll need to make sure that you're ready for everything the weather has to throw at you--sometimes literally--from high-powered winds and flying debris, to torrential waters. Caving doors, broken windows, and flooding can threaten lives and damage property to unrecoverable heights, but with a bit of emergency planning and home preparedness, you can reduce the damage and keep yourself agile enough to begin recovering as soon as the skies clear. [Read More]

What Are The Advantages Of A Custom Etched Glass Window In The Front Door?

Etched glass is a thing of beauty, and for many homeowners or business owners, the decision to buy a front door with an etched glass window is an easy one to make. In addition to aesthetic value, there are many advantages that etched glass front doors can offer. Knowing what those advantages are can help you decide whether or not a custom etched glass front door is right for you. [Read More]