6 Driving And Vehicle Care Mistakes That Often Cause Windshield Cracks And Chips

Many drivers experience windshield damage like cracks and chips with excessive frequency due to poor driving and vehicle care habits. While windshield damage will sometimes be unavoidable, there's a lot you can do to minimize the chances that your windshield will become damaged and require repair or replacement. If you correct the following habits, you'll notice that you need to bring your car in for windshield repair less frequently:

Parking on the street all the time

When you park along the side of the road, you leave your car susceptible to damage. Both cars driving by and pedestrians walking by could potentially cause debris to hit your windshield and cause chips and dents. Always choose a parking lot or driveway over parking on the street when you have the choice. 

Not inspecting windshield wipers occasionally

Debris that gets stuck in windshield wipers is often responsible for causing scratches and other damage. When you wash your car or take it in for service, it's a good idea to see that you windshield wipers are looked at. Removing debris from your wipers will protect both your windshield and your wipers themselves from damage that will become progressively more pronounced with time. 

Driving too closely behind other vehicles, especially trucks

Debris can easily be stirred up by vehicles driving over the roadway, and your vehicle could be hit by this debris if you're driving too closely behind the vehicle in front of you. In particular, trucks are known for stirring up debris on the road and leaking debris as they drive along, so be especially carefully to avoid tailgating trucks and larger vehicles. 

Neglecting to have a windshield inspected after an accident

After you get into an accident, you should have your windshield looked at to make sure that it has not suffered any structural or cosmetic damage. This is especially true if your vehicle has suffered body damage in the accident. Even if your windshield is not showing any obvious signs of damage, it often takes a closer look to notice small chips and scratches that could become more prominent and costly to fix with time. 

Not keeping a vehicle windshield well maintained

If you're not cleaning your windshield occasionally when you wash your car, it will become dirty and soiled by solid debris that could cause scratches. 

Using windshield wiper cleaners at a gas station

If you want to give your windshield the best possible clean, use your own equipment rather than the squeegee wipers that are offered at gas stations. These squeegee wipers are more likely to be dirty and include embedded debris that could do more harm then good when you use them to clean off your wipers. For more information about avoiding windshield damage, contact a business such as Allstate Glass