Temporary Fix For A Broken Window Pane

Anyone who has children knows that accidents can happen. Many times these accidents involve broken window panes. Having a broken pane of glass in your home can be dangerous, but it's not always feasible for a repair professional to immediately come and replace the broken window.

If your children break a window in the future, here is a temporary fix you can use to ensure your home remains safe until a professional can replace the window pane entirely.

Check For Loose Glass

Begin by putting on a pair of heavy-duty work gloves. These gloves will protect your hands from being cut on the sharp edges of the broken glass. Remove any loose pieces of glass from the window frame.

If the window is merely cracked, press gently along the crack to see if loose glass pieces can be removed. This will prevent the loose pieces from falling out and potentially causing injury as you wait for a professional to replace the broken window pane.

Secure Loose Pieces Of Glass

Once you have safely removed any loose pieces of glass from the window frame, you can take the necessary steps to secure them back into the window frame. Begin by gathering some basic supplies, like a strong adhesive glue and some clear fingernail polish.

Use the glue to secure large pieces of broken glass back into the window pane, fitting the pieces in place like a puzzle. Small chips or cracks can then be sealed with the clear fingernail polish to preserve as much of the integrity of the glass as possible.

Add Support

Because the repaired glass will be vulnerable, it's essential that you add some additional support to keep the repaired pieces in place until a professional can come and replace the entire pane of glass.

If the damaged area is relatively small, you can apply clear packing tape to both the front and back of the repaired area. The tape will provide additional support and help the pieces stay connected to one another. Larger areas of damage may require the installation of plywood or cardboard on either side of the glass to provide the necessary support.

Discovering that your children have broken a window can be devastating. Ensure that your home stays protected from the elements until a repair professional can arrive by knowing how to complete a temporary fix for a broken window pane using glue, clear fingernail polish, packing tape, plywood, and/or cardboard. For assistance, talk to a professional like United Glass Service Inc.