Factors That Affect The Cost Of Shower Enclosure Upgrades

If you're thinking of upgrading your shower enclosure, note that there are many things that go into a successful installation. Here are some of the factors that will affect your overall costs for this renovation. 

Amount of Glass Needed

This first thing to consider is the amount of glass that will be needed. This will depend both on the size of the shower enclosure and the number of sides you hope to enclose. A glass cutting contractor may come out to your home and measure the size of your shower area before giving you an estimate on your total glass cost. 

Types of Glass Used

The types of glass that you choose for your shower enclosure will make a big impact on the total cost as well. If you opt for non-textured glass with straight edges, this can reduce the bill for glass cutting. The price goes up as you begin to make stylistic decisions such as using textured glass, choosing exceptionally thick glass, and having curved edges in your shower enclosure's design. 

Structural Changes

Sometimes it's necessary to make structural changes before installing a new shower enclosure. For instance, if your bathroom walls aren't strong enough to support the glass you choose, then you may need to hire a contractor to fortify the walls before a shower door is installed. Of course, there are workarounds, such as choosing a standalone glass design that doesn't depend on the walls for support. 

Mold Protection

When you upgrade your shower doors, it's a good time to consider if your bathroom is ventilated well enough to prevent mold growth. Your new shower door can contribute to the growth of mold, especially if you're going from a closed plan to a one-sided, open shower plan. Consider the costs of adding extra drains and ceiling vents when you're planning your bathroom upgrade. 

Shower Head Upgrades

Finally, you may need to consider getting a different shower head to use with your new shower configuration. If your previous shower head only had one power setting or position, then you might need to get a shower head that's more flexible to repositioning. This is especially true if the new shower doors are placed further or closer to the shower head, since they can affect how the water is reflected back at you while showering. You might need to test whether or not your current shower head configuration will work to contain all of the water with your new enclosure.

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