A Guide To Insulated Vinyl Windows

Does it seem like your windows are not as energy efficient as they used to be? If you notice leaky air and increased heating bills, the problem could be with your aging windows. This drives many homeowners to invest in new residential windows. This is obviously a sizable home remodel project, so you want to consider the options. If you are worried about installing the most energy efficient option, you should definitely consider insulated vinyl windows. This article explains the characteristics and perks of insulated vinyl.

Vinyl Has Hollow Sash Construction

The sashes and frames on vinyl windows are usually hollow. Vinyl is a popular window product because it is lightweight and affordable. It is also common in residential construction because it does not transfer heat as quickly as other materials. However, this does not make it a great insulator, so heat loss is a definite problem. This is why you should definitely consider investing in insulated vinyl.

Usually, foam insulation will be sprayed into the hollow frame during the initial construction of the window. There are various levels of insulation that you can invest in. Of course, more insulation usually means a heavier and more expensive window. But, the weight is really only a factor on vertically sliding windows. As an added bonus, the insulation will help to soundproof your home. So, if you live in a loud neighborhood or close to a busy street, insulated windows can definitely make your home quieter.

The U-Value

If you don't want to invest in an unnecessarily expensive product, make sure you look at the U-value of the options. This is a standard measure of residential building material installation. You can easily find the U-value that coordinates with your particular climate. You can always invest in a product with an U-value for a slightly colder climate if you want a little extra warmth in your home. This will obviously cost more, but you can earn back some of this money through reduced heating and AC bills over the years.

Vinyl is Easy to Own

Not only is insulated vinyl very efficient, it is also easy to take care of. You can clean it with mild soap and water. You don't need to worry about water damage, splintering, or mold formation. So, vinyl is especially popular in cold and wet environments. It is easy to see why it such a popular product among homeowners who want efficient and low maintenance windows.

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