Signs That It's Time For A Windshield Replacement

The silver lining to sustaining damage to your vehicle's windshield is that you can often have it repaired, provided that the damage is small enough. Many auto glass shops will not only provide the alternative of repairing the glass during a short appointment, but some businesses even have mobile repair trucks that can meet you where your vehicle is parked and get the job done at your convenience. If you don't schedule a repair visit in a timely manner, however, you'll often have to opt for a windshield replacement. This is because, over time, a small chip in the windshield can spread to the point at which being repaired is no longer an option. Here are some other signs that you'll likely need to have the whole windshield replaced.

The Damage Is Right In Front Of You

While a repair job can fix the damage to your windshield, the repair process leaves behind a visible mark. This isn't really a concern if the original damage was in a seldom-used part of the windshield, such as the lower corner on the passenger side, but it may be an issue if the damage is directly in front of you. In this case, the mark left by the repair job could compromise your line of vision or simply be a distraction, and your local auto glass expert will likely recommend for the entire windshield to be replaced.

The Damage Takes On A Spider-Like Shape

Small chips and cracks can often be repaired, but it's a concern when the chip or crack takes on a different appearance. While some chips will spread until they're several inches long, others will take on a spider-like shape — sending multiple small cracks in different directions from the main point of impact. These can be difficult for the auto glass technician to repair, given their size, and it's probable that you'll have to have the windshield replaced.

There Are Two Separate Chips/Cracks Close To Each Other

If you've really had some bad luck, it's possible that a stone could cause damage to your windshield — and, before you're able to schedule an appointment to have the damage assessed, another stone causes another chip or crack just a few inches away. This situation will often mean that you'll need to have the windshield glass replaced as auto glass services will seldom be able to repair two separate points of damage if they're extremely close to one another.

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