Three Questions To Ask About Auto Glass Repair And Replacement Before Work Is Done

Your car's glass is important because it protects you while you are on the road. When you need to have it repaired or replaced, it can be hard to find a suitable auto glass repair company. You may not even know the right questions to ask to ensure that the company you use is a good one. Use the following questions when considering different glass replacement companies so you can make solid decisions.

What Kind of Glass Do You Use?

If you have a high-end car, it is likely important to you that the windows you are replacing are as high-quality as the rest of your car. That's why it is vital for to ask about the kind of glass they'll be using.

Generic glass is generally less expensive to buy, so many companies use it for a lot of cars, especially since many drivers don't think to ask about it. However, you might specifically ask if they plan to use glass from the same brand as the manufacturer of your car or the so-called original equivalent. If not, you may wish to seek out a company that does.

How Long Should I Wait Before Driving?

Depending on the kind of adhesives they use to repair or replace your auto glass, a technician might recommend that you wait before getting back on the road in order to give the materials a chance to dry. If not allowed to dry properly, you might need more work done on the glass. However, some technicians will not say anything about this.

Asking about drying time before you hire an auto repair company will give you some insight about the level of concern that they have about the new glass in your car.  Ideally, you will choose a company that encourages you to wait for a brief amount of time so that everything dries and you can be confident that you're safe when you drive the car.

What Kind of Warranty Do You Offer?

If you do drive away after the repair or replacement is done and you notice a new crack or another problem, you may feel frustrated about having to take the time to go back to the glass replacement company. That's why you must ask about the warranty terms before the work is even done. In particular, you want to know how long the warranty is and whether it applies to air and water leaks as well as cracks caused by pressure.

With these questions, you should be able to select a reputable company in your area that can repair and replace your auto glass. Make a point of consulting a few auto glass replacement companies to ensure that you choose the best company for the job.

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