Cleaning Windows Like A Pro

When winter weather finally ceases and warmer temperatures emerge, many people start cleaning the exterior of their homes to wash away debris left when conditions were too cold to remove them. One part of the home that needs special attention is the windows. Glass panes tend to appear discolored with grime after precipitation moistens and then dries several times. Here are some steps to take in removing a dirt accumulation from your windows.

Prepare For Cleaning

Before tackling a window cleaning session, make sure there are no obstructions in the way so you can efficiently cleanse the glass panes. Remove any window planters, flags, signs, or other outdoor decor from around the window area. Make sure your ladder is on flat, sturdy ground. It is a good idea to call a friend to help spot you on the ladder as you tend to the cleaning of your windows so you remain safe during the process. Take at look at each window beforehand to see if it is in need of repair. If you notice any cracks in a pane, do not clean it and call a glass repair specialist, from a company such as Action Glass, instead.

Have The Right Equipment

Since you will be getting up and down a ladder to clean, you want to keep your supplies secure to decrease the chance of damage to your home or injury to yourself. Invest in a holster to place around your waist to hold your supplies so you are not fumbling while trying to keep your footing on the ladder at the same time. A squeegee, spray bottle with window cleaner, a few pieces of clean cloth and piece of newspaper will work well at cleaning your windows.

Take Your Time And Clean

It is important to take your time to clean the windows thoroughly. Start by wiping down the exterior frame and glass with a piece of microfiber cloth to remove all webs and surface debris. Spray down the glass with your cleaner and use a squeegee to spread it over the entire surface of the pane. Flip to the scraping side of the squeegee and glide it across the pane to remove the moisture. Wipe down the edge of the scraper after each pass so you have a clean blade with each stroke.

When the window is done being cleaned, buff it using a piece of newspaper. Fold the paper a few times so it is easy to handle with one hand. Hold the paper flat against the glass and wipe it over the pane from top to bottom or side to side. This will give the glass a clear appearance as it removes all streaks.