Be Careful With Your Windshield

The windshield of your car does more than just allow you to see where you are driving. The windshield is also a protective tool that has been designed to keep everyone in your car safe from flying debris, allows you to see without high winds in your eyes, and can even protect everyone in your vehicle should you get into an accident. The windshield is also important to the integrity of your car because it also prevents the roof of the car from caving in on top of those inside the car. With all the purposes windshields serve, you may think that people pay a lot of attention to their windshields. However, most people don't give it much thought beyond cleaning it and replacing it when necessary. Here are some ways you should be caring for your windshield and decreasing the chances of problems.

Shut your car doors carefully

While you do want to make sure you close the doors of your car hard enough for them to properly latch, but you don't want to slam them. If you continuously slam the doors when closing them, then you can end up with a windshield that loosens up and you also risk the chance of breaking the side windows. Slamming the doors can even cause the windshield to crack if it has a weak spot already.

Park your car in shaded parking areas

Parking in the shade not only decreases damage to the dashboard and interior of the car, but also prolongs the life of your windshield. When your windshield is often exposed to direct sunlight, any chips or small cracks can get worse, the tint along the top can be ruined, and the integrity of the windshield will be negatively affected.

Be careful when deicing your windshield

When the temperature is below freezing, you need to deice the windshield in the correct manner, or you can break the glass. Never put warm water on the glass. You can use a deicer that is designed for this purpose or you can use an ice scraper.

Clean the windshield in the shade

While cleaning the windshield in direct sunlight won't cause long lasting damage to the windshield, it will streak it. When you continue to wipe, the streaks will continue to happen. Cleaning the windshield in the shade makes it a lot easier and faster to clean the windshield so it is streak free.

Have any damage repaired right away

No matter how careful you are with your car and the windshield, things can still happen that cause damage. A truck may kick up a stone that causes a chip, something can fall from a tree to crack it, or many other things can lead to damage. As soon as you spot a chip or a crack, take the car in to be looked at professionally and to be repaired or replaced if needed.

For more information, reach out to auto glass repair shops in your area.