How Graffiti Film Makes Cleaning Up Graffiti Quick And Easy

If graffiti is a problem in your neighborhood, then you probably fear that your store will be affected sooner or later. Maybe you've already had the expense and disruption of replacing windows due to graffiti. A solution to consider is to have graffiti film installed on your windows and other areas of your store where vandalism is likely. Here's why you need a solution to your problem and how graffiti window film can help.

Why You Don't Want Graffiti On Your Shop

Graffiti makes your store look ugly, but it can also scare your customers away. Customers may think your store is unsafe because there are gangs around or the area has a high crime rate. It's good if your entire neighborhood bands together to fight graffiti, but even if you battle it alone, you can make a difference for your customers. Plus, by removing graffiti quickly, you may not be targeted again since those responsible know their work won't stay up long enough to make the effort worthwhile. Window film can't prevent graffiti, but it does make it quick and easy to remove so it doesn't have to linger on your store very long.

How Window Film Helps In The Fight Against Graffiti

You need to buy film that's made for graffiti protection. This film is tough, so it protects your glass from paint, acid, and scratches. However, during the process, the film sacrifices itself to keep your windows safe. While you'll have to remove and replace the film, the process can be done quickly by peeling off the old film and applying new film. This costs a fraction of what it would cost to repair or replace the glass in your windows. Plus, replacing the film isn't disruptive to your customers or your workflow.

What Other Benefits Graffiti Film Provides

This type of window film also protects glass against shattering. A criminal still might be able to crack the glass, but the film holds the glass in place so it won't fall out of the frame. This keeps your windows strong enough to prevent smash-and-grab theft at your store. The film is clear and doesn't distort vision, so you can place it on your display windows and it won't interfere with window shopping. The film can be used outside and inside, and you may want it inside on display cases to protect against smashing.

This type of film can be applied to surfaces besides glass too. You may want the film applied on public bathroom stalls and mirrors so cleaning up graffiti is quick and easy. Graffiti film has the same benefits as other window films in that it blocks UV rays and solar heating so you gain side benefits from having it installed on your shop windows.

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