Protect Your Home With Hurricane Impact Windows

In a perfect world, you could control the weather, but this isn't exactly how things work in this world. To protect your home and keep your family safe, you need to ensure your home is equipped to handle the unpredictability of mother nature. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, start this effort with the installation of hurricane impact windows.

Excellent Protection

When a hurricane or tropical storm hits the area, it's guaranteed to bring along with it storm-force winds. As the winds pick up, fixtures like lawn chairs and pool toys become powerful weapons. When these items slam into normal glass windows at high speeds, they will shatter the glass and cause damage to the inside of a home. Hurricane impact windows are designed to stand up to these strong winds and flying debris, and remain intact.

Lower Energy Costs

In addition to greater resistance against high winds, impact windows also have increased heat transfer qualities. During the summer months, less of the sun's UV rays will travel through the glass into your home, and during the winter months, less of the heated air inside your home will escape through the glass. The result of this reduced transfer is lower energy consumption that translates into lower energy bills.

Increased Privacy

The increased durability of hurricane impact windows also provides for more privacy. When you're in your home, you don't want to hear what your neighbors are doing outside, and you also don't want your neighbors to listen to what you're doing inside. Tougher glass also means that less sound is transmitted through the glass, which will only make your home more comfortable. If you live in a high traffic area, this addition is especially helpful.

Insurance Discounts

When an insurance company comes up with a premium cost for your home, much of their formula is based on risks. The higher the threat of damage to your home, the more money you can expect to pay for your insurance coverage. However, since impact windows can minimize the level of damage to your home in the event of a storm, this addition will also lower the risk level of your home. The insurance company will reward you in the form of lower costs.

There are far more reasons to invest in impact windows than listed here, but the above-mentioned offer more than enough reasons why this is a great investment for your home. Take steps to protect your home.