3 Non-Traditional Ways To Enclose Your Shower Area

When redesigned your bathroom, the way that you enclose your shower area will really help define the look of your new space. Here are a few non-traditional ways to enclose your shower area that will really define the look of your bathroom.

#1 Tile & Glass Enclosure

If you want to give your bathroom an elegant and stately look, a tile and glass enclosure is a great way to define your space. Installing tiles around your bathroom, along with some nice crown molding around the top of the shower, will create a space that feels like its own room within your bathroom.

To keep your shower from being too dark, install frameless glass windows on the sides of your shower and a glass shower door. This will add extra light into your shower space and will help connect your bathroom together.

#2 Multiple Entrances

Traditionally, showers only have one entrance to them. If you want to create a more abstract feeling in your bathroom, install a glass shower with multiple entrances. You can install doors on multiple sides of your shower. Or you can use the glass to partition your shower from the rest of your bathroom but leave space on either side of the glass to walk behind it and into your shower, using the glass to create more of a partition or wall instead of an enclosed space. Adding multiple entrances to your shower will make it incredibly functional and will fit a more abstract bathroom design.

#3 Glass Block Shower Enclosure

If you want to go for something in between a tile and glass enclosure or an abstract multiple entrance enclosure, a glass shower block enclosure is a nice medium.

With glass shower blocks, you can allow a lot of light into your bathroom space. The addition of light will make your shower area feel open and spacious. You can also get really creative with the design. You can make a traditional square or rectangular shower space, or you can use the glass shower blocks to create a partial circular space. With glass shower blocks, you can create a custom sized shower space.  You can also vary the texture and color of glass blocks that you use to create a more unique looking space.

When designing your shower space in your new bathroom, you don't have to stick to sliding glass doors or a traditional tub and shower curtain set-up. Other types of shower enclosures can be just as functional and more visually appealing.