The Eyes To Your New Home's Soul: Two Amazing Options In Unique Windows

Choosing the windows for your new home is an exciting experience, but it might feel a little overwhelming since you have so many options. Windows are very important from a functional standpoint, since they allow you to see the outside world. Windows are also important aesthetically because they can truly transform the look of the whole home. Below, you can read about two amazing window options that offer uniqueness, functionality, and beauty all at once.

Skylight Windows

Skylight windows are unique in a couple of ways. They are mounted into the ceiling, which will certainly make them the most unusually placed windows in your home. Skylights also offer more light than most other types of windows do.

While skylight windows offer a unique look and a fantastic flood of light, they do have one major drawback: They aren't easy to reach. This means that you can't easily open them for air circulation, even if the skylight is one that opens. It also means that skylight cleaning can be more difficult than cleaning most other window types. Fortunately, skylights are pretty low–maintenance, as they require cleaning only once or twice each year.

Are Skylights For You? Skylights can lend a modernistic look and feel to your home, so if you want something sleek and unique, this might be perfect. They are also great for people who want to rely less on the electric light switch and more on the sun.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are made from large uninterrupted panes of glass, allowing them to "bring the outdoors in" more than any other window type. Homes with multiple picture windows may almost appear to be made entirely of glass. This kind of window comes in a huge variety of sizes and shapes, so you can cover virtually your entire wall in glass if desired.

Perhaps the primary drawback to picture windows is that they aren't movable. This means that no ventilation is possible. Some people choose to add a couple of traditional windows to their home while keeping the picture windows as the main window type. This allows for some ventilation when desired.

Are Picture Windows For You? Picture windows offer stunning views and can give your home a very unique look, so if your goal is to feel like you're living in nature (or in the city, depending on your surroundings) they can be a very smart choice.

Your new home will truly have its own special personality with either of the types of windows discussed above. Talk to your local windows contractor, such as Five Star Windows Inc, about availability and pricing in your area today!