Different Glass Types For Window Installation

It is extremely important to know which type of glass you want before your window installation. There are different types of glass that are available, and depending on the location of the window, you may want a glass that is distorted or even UV resistant. Here are different types of glass to choose from when you would like to replace your old windows.

Alarm Glass

Alarm glass is laminated with wire. It is located in between the sheets of window glass. The wire is a part of an electrical circuit that will trigger an alarm should the glass be broken. It is typically used for commercial properties; however, there are some homeowners that opt for this type of glass for additional security.

Anti-Reflective Glass

This is a standard type of glass that is dipped in a coating of metal oxide. It will reflect a small percentage of light; however, it still offers clarity. It will increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit and lower your energy bill.

Body Tinted Glass

Often times, this type of glass is purely decorative and is used in areas of the home where privacy is important. For example, if you have a specific color scheme for a bedroom or a bathroom, you can have the window tinted to offer an extra appeal with privacy.

Electrochromatic Glass

This glass is also referred to as "smart glass." It offers a reduction in the need for curtains and blinds. It controls the sunlight that passes through the glass by automatically gauging the temperature. The temperature of the sunlight triggers a low voltage that will charge a film that is placed on the glass and the glass will darken automatically. It will reduce the sunrays that are coming into the home. This type of glass is perfect for window installations inside family rooms and other areas where privacy is not important.

Laminated Glass

This is another type of glass that has been designed with security and safety in mind. It has a film secured over the glass that will keep it from splintering if it breaks. It is also installed in commercial building and homes for the purpose of keeping a fire contained should one start.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is stronger than typical glass due to the process in which it is made. It was designed to shatter and not splinter should it be broken. Even though it presents the same feature as laminated glass, the tempered glass is much stronger.

Talk with your window installation professional, such as those at Aladdin's Glass & Screen Products Inc, to ask questions and decide what type of glass works best for you.