Five Things You Must Not Do To Your Auto Glass

There are unfortunately many incidents that can lead to your auto glass becoming damaged. A rock might be kicked up by a vehicle with large tires and hit the windshield. You might be involved in an accident. However, there are many things you might do every day that can also contribute to your auto glass becoming damaged. 

1. Don't Slam Your Doors

Avoid slamming doors. Cars are designed to be airtight and when the windows are rolled up all the way, the act of slamming a car door can lead to the windows becoming cracked. This is especially a bad idea if your glass is freshly installed since it is more likely to become damaged. The excessive pressure created by slamming a door can lead to the seal failing. This can lead to air leakage, which can lead to your auto glass not properly protecting you against cold air.

2. Don't Drive Away Too Soon

After you have had an auto repair finished, you might be tempted to drive out of the auto glass repair shop right away. However, you will want to give the seal time to cure so that your glass will be held in place. If you place pressure on the seal before it is ready, it can easily fail.

3. Don't Wash Your Car After a New Installation

The most important rule is to make sure that you don't wash your car until your auto glass has had time to cure. If you don't wait two days before washing your car, the glue that holds the windshield in place will fail because of the moisture and heat.

4. Don't Leave the Windshield Dirty After 48 Hours

Always keep your windshield clean. The dirt and debris that can accumulate on a windshield can also be corrosive and can gradually wear your windshield down. The debris can also cause microabrasions. Not only should you wash your car periodically, but when you are at the gas station, you should use the squeegees if they are available.

5. Don't Forget to Replace Your Wiper Blades

Maintain your wiper blades. If your wiper blades wear out, they can begin to scratch the windshield. This can jeopardize the structural integrity of your windshield and increase the risk that it will crack. The scratches can become so deep that you won't be able to buff them out. Each of these precautions can save you money and will also reduce the risk that your windshield will fail when you need it the most.