Are You Establishing An Eclectic Mood In Your Master Bathroom?

Do you think of yourself as a person who loves many different styles in both fashion and decorating? If so, maybe you selected an eclectic theme for your master bedroom. Have you decided to also have an eclectic mood in the master bathroom? If so, you are in for some very enjoyable shopping expeditions. 

From selecting a glass shower door to choosing the rest of the bathroom decor, here are some ideas that might help you to create a unique and attractive master bathroom. 

​Start With The Shower Doors 

If you select glass shower doors, they will easily complement anything else you put in your master bathroom. Do you want them to have brass hardware as part of the design? Maybe you'd have silver-toned hardware. Either way, think of selecting glass shower doors that have a towel rack on the outside. A wide towel rack would probably be best because then there would be space for two towels. A second towel rack could go on the wall close to the shower if you will be needing more than two towels.

Glass shower doors aren't just attractive. They're also very affordable and easy to maintain. In addition, your glass shower doors will last for a very long time. If you are a do-it-yourself type of person, you can probably do the installation yourself. If you're not comfortable with that, the store where you purchase them will be happy to do the installation for you.

Contact a company like Master Glass & Mirror LLC for more information about purchasing shower doors.

Choose Additional Decor 

Think of choosing tile for your countertops. In fact, since you want to establish an eclectic feeling in the bathroom, choose patterned tile. Talavera tile or Tuscan tile are just two good choices for an eclectic bathroom.

When you select your cabinetry, choose a color that will complement the countertop tile you selected. For example, if yellow is the predominant color in the tile, choose that color for your cabinets, too. Ceramic knobs would be nice, too.

Think of going to world market stores to look for artwork and for other decor. For example, if you have shelving in your master bathroom, select colorful decorative animals from Africa or India to put on the shelves. Framed photographs of jungles, marketplaces, and children in costumes of different lands would be a wonderful way to establish an eclectic theme. Choose bath towels that will complement the tile and countertops. Choose hand towels that are a different color, just to add more pizzaz to the bathroom.