Fixing Small Cracks Or Chips In Your Windshield

If you have noticed a small cracked or chipped spot in the glass of your vehicle's windshield, getting it repaired promptly will help avoid it from spreading each time you drive. Cracks especially, will become longer and start expanding when the motion of your vehicle causes air to push against your windshield. Repairing will save you the money you would have to pay for replacing the windshield completely. It is not that difficult to repair small chips or cracks yourself. Here are some instructions to guide you through the process.

Materials You Will Need

  • Clean piece of lint-free cloth
  • Bucket of water mixed with mild detergent
  • Gloves
  • Needle or pin
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Windshield repair kit (includes an application apparatus and resin)

Cleaning The Affected Area

Before you make a repair, the area where the chip or crack is present must be thoroughly cleaned. This will help the resin used to fill in these areas adhere properly without obstructions of any kind. Move your vehicle into a shaded area so you can see the spot you are repairing without sun glare obstructing your vision.

Put on a pair of gloves before working on your windshield to protect your hands from any small slivers that can cause injury. Use the sharp end of a needle or pin to scrape any small shards of glass out of the affected area. After remnants of glass are removed, you will be able to clean down the windshield using a non-abrasive sponge dipped in soapy water. Rinse the glass using a garden hose. 

Allow the windshield to dry completely. Splash a bit of rubbing alcohol on the area you are repairing and wipe it off using a piece of lint-free cloth. Your windshield is now clean enough to make the repair.

Repairing The Windshield

Open the windshield repair kit and place the apparatus included over the area you are going to be repairing. Make sure the reservoir is lined up directly over the middle of the crack or chip so when you push the resin through the apparatus, it will drip into the proper location. The apparatus is held into place using small suction cups that adhere to your windshield. Push it into place and pour the resin into the reservoir. The resin is pumped through the apparatus by moving the small flange up and down in a pumping motion, much like you would with a toilet plunger.

When the resin has been applied, remove the application apparatus. Move your vehicle into a sunny area, if possible, to help harden the resin into the crack or chip. If your windshield repair kit comes with a follow-up film, spread it thinly over the hardened resin to help fill in any spots you may have missed when using the applicator.

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